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Krish Kandiah

Saturday 05 February 2022

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Krish Kandiah and his wife were for many years emergency foster carers, meaning that numbers in their house could change quite rapidly. Scared, often traumatised children being dropped off by the police at all hours, often after having been plucked, quite suddenly, out of really difficult situations. The challenge was always to find the key to making them feel safe, something in which all members of the family played their part. He feels his own children have gained enormously from the experience of welcoming others into their home.

The Kandiahs’ are the parents of 6 children, through birth, fostering and adoption, and some years ago Krish founded a charity Home for Good, to encourage Christians to play their part in providing loving homes for children in care; stepping back from it recently to become chair of the Department for Education’s Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board, using his wealth of experience and knowledge to influence policy decisions at the highest level.

And he wants us all to sign up to The Hospitality Pledge in 2022, calling on the church to model counter-cultural hospitality and release what he calls ‘a cascade of grace’.

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