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Dan Morrice

Saturday 29 May 2021

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In 2010, 33 miners were brought to the surface of Chile’s San Jose mine after being trapped for 69 days, 7 hundred metres below the surface. By anyone’s standards, they shouldn’t have survived. Finding them at all was a near impossible task…getting them out safely, a quite remarkable achievement. Even the papers called their rescue ‘a miracle’.

Dan Morrice, a geography teacher from Bristol, was so gripped by the story that he headed off to Chile to talk to those involved and hear about it first hand - and the trip led him to start a global journey of faith to meet and hear the stories of other unsung heroes forging peace in extreme environments, and discover more untapped glimmers of hope behind the headlines.

Dan told me the extraordinary story of the Chilean miners, what it was like to meet some of them, and how the experience changed his life.

His book, FINDING THE PEACEMAKERS, is out now.

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