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Cathy Madavan

Saturday 05 March 2022

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Cathy Madavan is a speaker, author and coach, much in demand at festivals and events for her wisdom and humour; her encouragement to find treasure in the tough stuff, and cope with life’s curveballs with resilience and courage.

She speaks about those curveballs very much from the heart and from experience, as she’s coped with plenty of her own including: just a couple of years into their marriage, her husband being diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition just a couple of years into their marriage and whilst he was in training for ministry. He lost his driving licence at that moment, on the day of diagnosis, and now has very little sight at all. So she knows about unexpected challenges and how to trust God through them. She has lots to say on how to set ourselves up to respond to life’s curveballs without them completely squashing us, and how to build up our resilience muscles to face the unexpected.

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