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Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Saturday 10 April 2021

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You’ll hear about his awareness of a vocation on the terraces of The Kop at Anfield as a teenager, the shock of going from there into the rarefied atmosphere of the English College in Rome (where his mum sent him the football pages of the Liverpool Echo each week), then his surprise as a young priest in Liverpool when a couple of heavies appeared out of nowhere to accompany him as he took the Blessed Sacrament out for home communion visits….just in case.

His memories of the huge event (the size of which seemed to cause a certain amount of bafflement in Downing Street) that was the visit of Pope Benedict to the UK in 2010.

Hear his musings on what life might have been like if he’d remained a parish priest, his reflections on the past year of the pandemic, and where he has perceived God in it all.

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