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Advanced Module - Online Edition

The online edition of the Advanced Level Creating Safer Spaces training has now been rolled out to all Districts across the Connexion. 

​The Creating Safer Space Advanced Module is designed to consolidate and develop the learning gained from the Foundation Module. Whilst everyone is welcome to undertake the Advanced Module, it is a mandatory requirement for certain positions and roles within the church. For a detailed list of these roles, please view the Required Attendance List.

The online edition of this course is comprised of two elements:

  • online e-learning to be completed on the Theology X platform

  • attendance at the 'Gathered Session' led by a District Safeguarding trainer

Once participants have signed up to undertake this course, they will be provided with the login details to access the e-learning on Theology X. Participants will then have 4 weeks in which to complete the e-learning modules before they attend the gathered session which will be held on Zoom.

Please note that the e-learning component must be completed a week before the date of the gathered session. Participants who have not completed the e-learning will not be sent the link to the gathered session and will be required to attend an alternative session dependent upon availability.

Available training sessions have been published on the safeguarding training and events page. Participants will be able to register via Eventbrite.


Training dates will also be advertised in the Weekly Update. If you do not currently receive this you can sign up here