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Woven - Prayers from the District

Sunday 07 March 2021

Gracious God,

We thank You for the progress we have made with Woven, the London District project and how it has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to many within and outside the London District.

We thank You for every story that has been shared so far and the impact these stories have had on us in renewing and energising our faith in You. We also thank You for the courage of those who have come forward and shared their moments of vulnerability, their pain and suffering, their new discoveries and how they encountered You in the midst of it all. We ask for Your blessings on them; and pray You continue to enrich their lives with Your goodness.

We thank You for the planning team members who have given of their time, their skills and ability to serve the London District. We thank you for the ideas they bring to each meeting and how they have adapted to a new way of working during the pandemic. We ask for Your blessings on them; and pray You energise them so they can continue to serve Your people and the communities around them.

We thank You for our suppliers who offer their services and professional expertise in bringing the various stories and activities into reality. We thank You for our designers and printers; for our media consultant; for our video producer; for our conference venue host; for our radio broadcaster and others who have been involved. We ask for Your blessings on them; and pray for grace for them to reach more people for Your kingdom.

We thank You in advance for the remaining activities we have planned ahead. We pray for Your wisdom as we transition from working and doing life remotely to meeting together again.

All these we ask in the name of Your Son Jesus, Amen

- By Fola Oyeleye (Woven Project Coordinator)

Woven - London District Project - 07 March 2021
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