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A Prayer from the Forest Circuit

Monday 27 November 2023

Timeless God, as we prepare for Advent, and to celebrate the coming of yourself into our world in Christ Jesus our Saviour, let us pray for the sovereignty of his kingdom, in which peace, justice, healing and flourishing are made complete;


Into lives that are blighted by struggle to make ends meet, bring your light and the joy that comes from hope. May the neglected find affirmation and solace; may the downtrodden and exhausted find rest and renewal.


Into our churches bring your love, your grace, a stronger yearning for you and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the life of the kingdom.


Thank you for your commitment to us, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us in the ways of Jesus our Saviour. Thank you for all the unseen ways in which you are at work alongside us.


Help us to turn crisis into opportunity, and to pray in expectation, ‘Come, Lord Jesus’. Amen.


The Forest Circuit asks you to please pray for:

  • For the ongoing development of our mission strategy, the difficult decisions which are painful for struggling churches, and yet open up new possibilities and new ways of working and witnessing;

  • For healing – in a circuit where there has been much internal conflict and pain, that we may have a greater experience of grace;

  • For imagination and energy where people are tired and exhausted.

written and read by Revd Dr Mike Long (Superintendent, Forest Circuit)

A Prayer from the Forest Circuit
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