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A Prayer from the Westminster Circuit

Sunday 14 November 2021

God of infinite love,

we know you to be our Creator, Saviour, and Sustainer:

one God but in a community of relationship and expression.

As London gradually reawakens after lockdown;

as restrictions are eased and life begins to return,

breathe new life into the Capital.

We thank you that you are watching over this city;

rejoicing with this city;

weeping over this city;

aching for this city;

and enfolding this city with your everlasting arms.

As we, your servants, share in your mission,
protect and keep us,

feed and teach us;

nurture and inspire us;

guide and enable us.

Help us to make a worthwhile contribution to community life

and all our relationships,

that society may know peace with justice,

love with respect;

healing with joy;

and hope for a brighter tomorrow,

through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


Please pray for:

For the strategic development of our online ministry ( and the reforming of our in-person worshipping community, that we may continue to be a global Christian family following Jesus in the heart of London.

For our Conference Centre and staff – especially for the rebuilding of a flourishing business that will sustain the mission of the church, and enable us to engage with the world in ever creative ways.

For those who were sadly made redundant due to the pandemic, and for our re-establishing an informative witness alongside tourists and visitors to Central Hall from all over the world.

By Revd Tony Miles

Superintedent, Westminster Circuit

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