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A Prayer from the New River Circuit

Sunday 17 October 2021

Loving God

You fill me with joy

You have called me by name

You have assured me I am your own

And my heart feels like singing

Your grace has enfolded me

Your love continues to fill me

And I want to dance at the sound of your name

You are my joy

my heart is overflowing,

overflowing with love

May my joy in you become infectious for others,

so that one day all creation will dance and sing for joy;

for joy at all you have done for us in Jesus.



Please pray for:

For grace, wisdom and gentleness across the nine churches as many within the circuit are struggling with their commitment to British Methodism following the Conference decisions on God in Love Unites Us

For the new evangelistic initiatives beginning to grow in small ways following our circuit’s participation in the Everyone an Evangelist course

For the continuing development of the food ministry across the circuit, through community meals, food banks and food parcel delivery, especially as the effects of the loss of the £20 extra universal credit hits home,  and the opportunities to minister among a large group of asylum seekers recently arrived among us.

By Revd Stephen Poxon

Superintendent, New River Circuit

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