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A Prayer from the London Learning Network

Sunday 10 October 2021

God, we look. 

We look to our church. We pray for the church as we transition out of lockdown.

Would you be with us as we navigate the complexities of blended spaces as offline and online worlds collide?

Would you give us the wisdom to know how to do things in a way that fills our life with community and it helps us to deepen our relationship with you?

God, we look. 

We look to our communities. We pray for those where the end of furlough brings uncertainty, where jobs hang in the balance as with it, those with whom those jobs support.

We pray for those which economic uncertainty weighs heavily on their shoulders.

Would you give them peace as they progress on through this tough time?

God, we look.

We look to our country.

We pray for our NHS and health services as they head into winter. We pray for those that work for the NHS doctors, nurses, cleaners, administrators.

As we look ahead to the colder months, would you give them strength as we enter this season?

God, we look.

We look to the world.

We pray for places of conflict that you would bring peace.

We pray for countries building back after disaster. Would you bring hope?

We pray for people affected by bad decisions of those in power. We pray for justice.

God, we look.

We looked the spaces around us that we are apart of.

Would you help us to continually be present to them?

Would you teach us to pray and not to forget?


By James Pickin

Regional Coordinator, London Learning Network

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