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A Prayer for the new Connexional Year

Sunday 05 September 2021

Heavenly Father, Weaver of life and cementer of relationships,

as we begin our journey through the start of this Connexional year,

give us grace to follow closely in the way of your Son Jesus Christ,

that we may grow in faith,

be strengthened in hope

and put our trust in your loving purposes;

May your love surround us Lord,

Sustain us by your mercy,

Inspiring us to see your goodness

And give us faith that can move mountains.

Keep us focused Lord;

On your ever-present grace

With your loving arms wrapped around us

Together with all who need your care and compassion

Throughout these ever-changing times.

Grant O Lord that we may serve you unstintingly

As we vigorously propagate for your mission

Through the District Commissions,

Circuit mission projects

Whitechapel Mission

West London Mission Social Welfare,

And the provision of one stop shops, foodbanks

And peace gardens and prayer gardens.

Embrace Lord, all who offer themselves freely without counting the cost,

Sustain the weary Lord, who may have felt unappreciated and

Breathe on us breath of God as you fill us with life anew

So that we continue to do what you call us be and fulfil

The building of your Kingdom,

For a lost world,

for us,

and for all your children;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

By Revd Dr Jongikaya Zihle, 

London District Chair

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