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God who sets us on a journey (StFplus)

God who sets us on a journey to discover, dream and grow, lead us as you led your people in the desert long ago; journey inward, journey outward, stir the spirit, stretch the mind, love for God and self and neighbour marks the way that Christ defined.

End our longing for the old days, grant the vision that we lack – once we’ve started on this journey there can be no turning back; let us travel light, discarding excess baggage from our past, cherish only what’s essential, choosing treasure that will last.

When we set up camp and settle to avoid love’s risk and pain, you disturb complacent comfort, pull the tent pegs up again; keep us travelling in the knowledge you are always at our side; give us courage for the journey, Christ our goal and Christ our guide.

Joy Dine (1937 – 2001)


1. Help us Rebuild trust within and between churches through the healing work of the Holy Spirit;

2. Renew our vision of the Kingdom and our desire to work for it together;

3. Lead us to Risk being vulnerable, in the hope that others will use our vulnerability as an opportunity to support and not exploit.

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