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Safer Internet Day | Tuesday 06 February

Tuesday 6th February 2024 is ‘Safer Internet Day’ reminding us of the need to stay safe when online.  

More apps, more accounts and more passwords create more opportunities for theft. Meanwhile, human nature stays the same. ‘123456’ is still the most used password in the world! 

How to better protect your Accounts 

Reusing passwords across all platforms makes them less safe. For example, if you use the same password for a T.V streaming service and your online bank service, a data breach at one could put the other at risk. This applies to passwords that are similar with small tweaks.  

Make your Passwords impossible to guess.  

When coming up with passwords, people tend to gravitate toward the same themes, favourite football teams, memorable dates, pet’s names for example. Always try to avoid using passwords with any personal significance. Passwords that are longer than 12 characters with plenty of numbers, letters and special symbols are recommended.  

Top tips

  • Change passwords periodically. 

  • Never repeat passwords. 

  • Use lowercase, capital letters and special characters. 

  • Never include personal information. 

  • And most importantly- NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD  

written by Claire De Stefano, District Safeguarding Officer

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