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Prayers from the District -
Romford Circuit

Sunday 25 October 2020

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Romford Circuit Prayer - Prayers from th

Creator God, at this uncertain time of our lives with Covid 19, you know what we need without words. Hear our prayers and hear our silence and see our tears. 

Heavenly father, the daily news break our hearts, we see fear, death, protests, anger, violence, prejudice and racism, injustice, arrogance, privilege and unemployment, poverty and economic hardship in our streets,  our communities, our country, and the world.


Help us to follow you on the road that leads to the upper room to share in bread and wine. 

Help us to follow you into the city to heal and let your peace hold our wounds, to hug, to restore and to love. 

For all this we need your strength, your grace, your laughter, and your joy, so that we can be renewed each day in your image. Amen. 

Prayer Requests:

The people of the Romford Circuit ask for your prayers for:

  • The guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we can keep Christ at the centre of our Work and Mission in and outside of the church buildings.

  • The development of pioneer ministries in Collier Row area with the Circuit Mission Outreach Project (CMOP). 

  • Our Circuit as we work towards developing the Cluster Based Team Ministry, lay and ordained together. 

- By Revd David Jebb

(Superintendent Minister of Romford Circuit)

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