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Prayers from the District -
Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit

Sunday 20 September 2020

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Hackney and Stoke Newington - Prayers fr

A prayer inspired by the writings of Michel Quoist (Prayers of Life - Gill and MacMillan, 1965)

I would like to rise very high,
Above my city,
Above the world,
Above time.
I would like to purify my glance and borrow your eyes.


Creator God it has taken a global pandemic to help us see our city, our Borough, our Circuit in a new way. As the pace slackened our eyes and ears opened, our hearts were stirred. Our new understanding has revealed the diversity, community and vulnerability of the place we call home and where we seek to be your faithful people:

We thank you for the magnificence of public spaces, the glimpses of beautiful architecture and the green of our parks. Help us to be thankful each and every day.

We celebrate our people who work so hard to diligently care for others in hospitals, care homes and in many undervalued but key roles. Yet we have a new sense of the vulnerability of those whose incomes are fragile, status uncertain, homes crowded and daily life overwhelming.

We enjoy the amazing power of being connected on screen but are increasingly conscious of the marginalisation of those without access to reliable internet or hardware to access it.

We are enriched by the diversity of our community, the variety of language we hear, the many different expressions of faith and hope. Forgive us that sometimes we ‘blame’ those who look or act differently, rather rejoice in their contribution to our wellbeing.


Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit asks you to pray for:


  • Presbyters new to the circuit, Paulo and John and for the superintendent Andrew, that they may be sustained by God’s love and grace.

  • We ask your prayers that the understanding and support which has been fostered by the revitalised Hackney Faith Forum may continue to develop and facilitate greater understanding across this incredibly diverse Borough.

  • Please pray for all our people who feel left behind, on the margins or unheard. Give us grace and courage to be truly inclusive, whatever the cost.


I would like to rise very high,
Above my city,
Above the world,
Above time.
I would like to purify my glance and borrow God’s eyes.

Then, falling on my knees, I would admire, the mystery of this world
Which, in spite of the innumerable and hateful snags of sin,
Is a long throb of love towards Love eternal.

- By Revd Andrew Letby, Superintendent Minister of Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit

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