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WLM launches their first ever advertising campaign


WLM, in conjunction with AMV BBDO, has launched a new campaign to tackle perceptions of homeless people and to bring a human side to the escalating problem of homelessness.

#NotWhoTheyAre offers an opportunity to see past the man/woman on the street and to identify them as not simply homeless, but as people with skills, passions, likes and dislikes, but and ultimately, personalities. It reinforces that although homeless people share a circumstance they are people with different strengths, backgrounds, problems and stories.

The campaign also seeks to encourage us not to simply walk on by but to do something.

In making the problem feel more real, it is WLM's hope that people will consider helping their mission of getting homeless individuals off the street and, more importantly, into permanent accommodation and employment; 'Because homeless is what they are, not who they are.'

The campaign is currently live on WLM social channels (Facebook,Twitter and Instagram), and will be live in OOH (Out Of Home) across Marylebone Underground station in the first 2 weeks of December.

You are also invited to attend a Carol Service at Marylebone Underground Station on Tuesday 10 December to help raise funds for the vital work that WLM do.

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