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Does your church have a war memorial?

The District has received the following request. Perhaps you can help?

I am a volunteer with the Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register. Up until last year I was able to travel around to churches recording Military and War Memorials for the National Archive. I am now in a wheelchair and would still like to do my voluntary work.

I am after photographs of the memorials in and around every church, these can be individual or collective memorials, this is so I can update the records we already have or record those that we don't know about. These can be crosses, boards/tablets, battlefield markers, alter ware, Rolls of Honour, almost anything, it just has to have someone that served on it. We also now record the names commemorated so the wording needs to legible if possible please.

Besides WW1 and WW2 we record all periods, it just needs to mention a rank or service. Not all memorials have names on them, we still want those. We also record personal or family memorials. We don't record Commonwealth War Graves although if gravestone records the death of a person in service buried elsewhere, we want those.

I even want to know if you have no memorials, I can mark you of the list I have recording that.

Would you be able to send me photographs of your memorials please? The only information I need with the photographs is the name of the church and its post code. If you would like to know what we already have recorded please let me know and I will send you a list. An example of what I need is below.

If you have a large amount of pictures or they are high quality then there are file transfer systems that are free to use, Google and WeTransfer are just two available.

Some people send them to me on memory sticks, these I return once the images have been downloaded.

I hope you are able to help me with this and please don't worry about a delay in responding.

Many thanks


Mark Newton - Imperial War Museum Volunteer
War Memorial Register


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