A Prayer

Tuesday 05 May 2020

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Gracious God and Father of us all, whose will is that not one of his precious children should perish, help us to know that we are loved and to rejoice in the many blessings which you have prepared for us. Thank you for what we can learn even in difficult circumstances.

(Pause for silent reflection)

We thank you, Lord, that we have discovered what it feels like to be lonely and cut off. Thank you that we have gained insight into what solitary confinement in our prisons feels like and how our housebound auntie copes when we never visit her.

(Pause for silent reflection)

Forgive us that in the midst of plenty we hoard food and act as if tomorrow depends on it. Help us to recognise that there is sufficient for all, that in the midst of grain mountains and wine lakes we still sit in a land of plenty and that such emergency reserves are there for use today. Help us, Lord, to make the needs of the poorest our priority.

(Pause for silent reflection)

We live in warm and comfortable homes, safe and secure. We pray for those who live in cardboard boxes. Help us to remember them and to unlock the means for them to return to significant relationships.

(Pause for silent reflection)

We pray, gracious, living God, when we are lost and disorientated that we may each find you walking at our side, our Companion and our Guide.

We pray through our Intercessor who sits at your right hand, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Former President of the Methodist Conference (1997-8) Revd John B Taylor wrote this prayer the day on 27th April the day before he died (28th April 2020). The prayer reflects that John throughout his ministry tried to root his theological reflection in the everyday life. The prayer that John wrote reflects this especially in current our circumstances. The prayer is used with the kind permission of the Superintendent of the Sutton Park Circuit.

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