A Prayer

Tuesday 21 April 2020

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Creator God,

the heavens declare your glory
and the earth is your handiwork.

For the diverse beauty of all you have made;

we offer you our praise.


Saviour God,

you came amongst your people,

and made yourself vulnerable 

to the risky business of human living.

we offer you our praise.


Spirit of God,

you move in the church and in the world,

calling the least and the lost

into a deeper fellowship of love.

we offer you our praise.


Creator, Saviour, Spirit

Accept our praise, and help us to live as your people in the world.


Today we pray for those in need,

for those who are ill at home, in care homes, hospitals and hospices.

We pray for those directly affected by the Covid 19 virus and those indirectly affected.

We pray for those who worry about the future.

Loving God, hold these and all our prayers.


- By Revd Michaela Youngson

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