A Prayer

Tuesday 14 April 2020

God of mystery and power, we have heard the Good News of Easter

and we are glad to be caught up in its joy in these uncertain times,

your love fills us with expectation of new things to come,  

darkness will never overcome the light you shine in Christ Jesus.


Just as Jesus spoke to Mary in the garden that first Easter day,

you call each of us by name because you love us.

from you we receive the gift of life and by your grace we offer ourselves in prayer this day

for our sisters and bothers who feel lonely, or overwhelmed,

for young and old,

for friend, for stranger and neighbour,


We pray with those whom we love and those who love us.

be in our hearts, our homes

in our comings and goings,

in our life and our believing

at our end and new beginnings 


We thank for the hope we have in your resurrecting power,

embracing us day by day .

So may we live our love for you gladly, today and every day



- Adapted from Book of Prayers 'From Ashes to Fire'

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