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Tuesday 28 July 2020

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A prayer of thanksgiving for God’s goodness:


In this prayer of thanksgiving, we begin with the words of a prayer shared in the Christianity Today publications by Jen Pollock Michel:

"God, we trust that you are good and do good. Teach us to be your faithful people in this time of global crisis. Help us to follow in the footsteps of our faithful shepherd, Jesus, who laid down his life for the sake of love. Glorify his name as you equip us with everything needed for doing your will. Amen.”



In the milieu of pain and struggle, Lord you remain good,

as we face up to the challenges of our days,

we ‘look up to the hills’ expectant of the flow

of your goodness toward us.

Thank you for guarding us Lord

as we face loss and grief.

Thank you for uniting us Lord

as we reconnect with each other in the easing of lockdown.   


Thank you Lord that in spite of our fears,

You remain God and offer us your care.

When we’re alone and feel lost,

You find us and cradle us through the care others give;

Lord, in the goodness of your enduring mercy,

Thank you for forgiving our waywardness

When we forget those who need you most,

When we become complacent in fighting for justice,

When we lose our patience with those who’re different to us

And when we turn a blind eye to the struggles of those who’re less fortunate;

Lord we thank you and are grateful for your unfailing love for everyone;


“As we paraphrase John Wesley’s words Lord:

We thank you for making our thanksgiving inseparable from our conversation in prayer…;         

as we pray unceasingly, we’re for always, giving You praise, whether we’re in ease or pain,

both for prosperity and for the greatest adversity.

We bless you O’ God for all things,

We receive all things for your name’s sake –

not choosing nor refusing, liking or disliking, anything,

but only as it is agreeable or disagreeable to Your will;



For this and all our prayers, Lord we give you thanks that you’re good to all,

in spite of all that we face, we rest on you; in Jesus’ healing name  — Amen. 


- By Revd Dr Jongi Zihle

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