A Prayer

Tuesday 16 June 2020

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"We pray for our ordinands, some who will be received into full Connexion in the Conference this year, some who will defer until next year. All will have to wait longer to be ordained than would be expected, due to the Covid19 restrictions. Please hold them and all those who are moving forward in ministry in prayer."


We thank you God 

that you welcome all people into your family,

and through our baptism we came to share in the obligation

of all your people to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We thank you that you continue to call women and men into particular ministries, serving your church and through the church, your world.

We thank you for Esther, Kathy, Ken and Matthew;

for their gifts and graces,

for the ministries they have already offered

and for their families and friends who have supported them.

We pray that the churches they serve will encourage them,

uphold them and support them in love and grace.

We thank you for your Church, on earth and in heaven,

the body of Christ, continuing his mission.

We thank you for our calling

and pray that we will continue to serve you in faith and love.

In the name of Christ  Amen

- By Revd Michaela Youngson

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