A Prayer

Tuesday 02 June 2020

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Holy Spirit, 

breathe on us, that we may think what is holy; 

move in us, that we may do what is holy; 

attract us, that we may love what is holy, 

and strengthen us, that we may guard what is holy, 

For Jesus’ sake.        Amen.

(Augustine of Hippo 354-430)


O Holy Spirit Divine,

Gratitude warmly tugs at our hearts for Your presence,

A gift unspeakable and an spiritual enablement hitherto unknown;

We are in awe of Your presence and delight in the equipping you give.

As God the Three in One becomes more realised in the gift of the Holy Spirit

We celebrate our inclusion dear Lord, into the Holy Dance,

Come guide us and guard us

Come free us and heal us

Come renew us and reform us

Come in Your Power and make us whole;


That in spite of pandemic and uncertainty,

As resources dwindle and job prospects wane,

As life remains precariously perilous

As our futures remain strangled without a vaccine;

Come in Your Power and be the balm of Gilead we need

That in spite of it all, our hope may be resuscitated

And our faith in God who gives abundant life may be restored.


For only You dear God,

Can give warmth to the suddenly alone,

Can uplift the shielding lonely,

Can assure the suddenly orphaned,

Can renew the broken lockdown relationships,

Can uphold those waiting for health operations

And only You dear God,

Can wield a warming presence over all creation;

Reminding us all, in Your image we are,

And in Your image we remain, no matter what!


Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers,

Thank you for gifting us with Your Spirit,

Thank you for always being present, in spite of it  all,   

Through Jesus Christ our Lord            — Amen. 

- By Revd Dr Jongi Zihle

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