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District News

A warm welcome awaited Nigel and Becky in Chile

"As we arrived in Chile on Sunday morning we were given a warm welcome from our host the Methodist Church in Chile. The church is working with Haitians in addressing their pastoral and spiritual needs. Over the last few years there has been over 85,000 men, women and children mirgrated to Chile, and the Methodist Church in Chile is working with the Methodist Church in Britain in developing language classes, soup kitchens, and a legal service.  Many Haitians are in Chile without a temporary permit and therefore find themselves displaced in a country which they thought would welcome them.  Nigel was delighted to be able to bring greetings from the London District and preach in the first Haitian congregation in Santiago where he preached the theme on ‘Calling us all to be part of the story of the Gospel’. 


During the rest of the week we will meet Christians and others who support the Haitian community throughout the country in trying to make a difference in changing the negative story of migration in Chile. Also travelling with us is the Revd Dr Laurence Graham the President of the Methodist Church in Ireland and Sandra Lopez the World Church Relationships Area Co-ordinater for Latin America and the Caribbean."

Nigel- District Chair 
Becky- Project worker for the District Theme (Moving Stories)

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