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Prayer 16/07

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Prayer 16/07

35/11 Islington & Camden Misson

Superintendent: Revd Tim Bradshaw


Open our eyes to recognise your presence in the street and the shop, the business and the office, the school and college, the hospital and the prison, and in all your people everywhere. Open our ears to the cry of your people, and our hearts to offer your love to all we meet. As we serve the Christ in others, grant to us the strength and the discernment we need to be faithful to our calling, in Jesus’ name.



Prayer Requests:

·        The work at Archway, the Upper Holloway Fellowship of Churches, the   Upper Holloway Drop-In on a Monday and the Archway Town Centre Group.

·        The continuing work of the night shelter for young people run by Pilion    Trust which meets on the Caledonian Road premises during the winter months and for the many young people who have found our church premises a place of refuge and safety.

·        The Circuit as it continues to find imaginative solutions to the problems we face.

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