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Synod Celebration

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Synod Celebration

The approaching Synod will be a “Celebration of Lay Leaders” which will showcase the immense and invaluable support that our lay leaders bring across London.  As you read this, the wonderful lay leaders within your own Circuit may immediately spring to mind.  We would like to recognise these many individuals at Synod. 

We are asking each Circuit to send us a photo of at least one lay leader – these could be people in official roles such as worship leader/property secretary, or in unofficial roles such as that person who turns up each week and knows just what needs to be done and gets cracking with it.  We want to know about these people! 

Please could you send in a couple of photos of your lay leader(s) – just them doing their role (no one else in shot), and perhaps one head shot of them.  Please ensure that they are happy for their photo to be shown to the whole of Synod, and displayed on our website (they can refuse the website if they feel uncomfortable with this).  Please also tell us:

  • Their name
  • What they are doing
  • What Church they are part of
  • What is their day job


These photos will be pulled together in a photo montage to be used during Synod and displayed on the District website.  It would be great to get every Circuit represented, so please get your amateur photographers at the ready J

Please send Sam Redding (administration@methodistlondon.org.uk) your pictures with details by Monday 17th April so that we can then pull everything together ready for the 6th May.  We really do appreciate your support with this.


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