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Reflect Retreats - 2017

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Reflect Retreats - 2017

A weekend retreat led by Rev Malcolm Rothwell

The theme for the weekend is

“Lose your head and come to you senses”

We spend a lot of our time in our heads thinking about things. Words of often act as a barrier between us and God.

This retreat encourages you to lose your head and start to feel and sense and thereby get closer to God.

Malcolm will be leading 5 sessions of about 20/30 minutes at other times you will always be able to find a quiet spot within the peace and tranquillity of the extensive grounds of the Convent, as well as a number of rooms within the convent which includes the chapel.

We will be observing silence at other times which will include our meals from the Friday night worship until Sunday lunch.

However should have any concerns there will always be someone available to talk with.

There are a few rooms left, if you would like to attend please contact Brian on 01883 370945 or at brian-car@hotamil.co.uk.

The cost of the weekend is £170 fully catered 

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