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Autumn Synod 2015

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Autumn Representative Synod 2015 - 12th September

More information, resources and summaries coming soon...


Ballot Results

Click here for the ballot results taken at Synod.


Challenges from speaker Simon Hughes

Click here for a summary of the message and challenges given by the main speaker at Synod, Simon Hughes.


Issues of Concern

Click here for a list of the issues of concern to London Methodists in the run up to the Mayoral Elections, raised at Synod.



A photo slideshow has been produced of members of the London District Synod standing in support of refugees.
Powerpoint - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
PDF - Click here


Refugee Prayers

Click here for the prayerbook presented at Synod, particularly focusing on refugees.


London Methodists abandon Synod to stand alongside refugees

London Methodists abandoned Synod to join  a march in solidarity with refugees.
Click here for the full Press Release and photos from the event.

Over lunchtime, Synod will be joining in the London march in Solidarity with Refugees. For more information click here.

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