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Church Partnerships

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The Social Responsibility Commission works with a number of Partner Churches across the District.

Often found in some of London’s most deprived areas, these Partner Churches provide a chance for the SRC to understand the successes and difficulties faced by those working in different situations within London. The Partner Churches also assist the Commission in piloting ideas for healthy living, social justice, poverty alleviation and how good practice can be developed and shared.

For more information and ways to get involed, please contact Peter Baffoe, the SRC Liaison for Church partnerships. 

Our church partnerships include:

•                Bermondsey Central Hall

•                Ealing Trinity Circuit

•                Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham Circuit

•                Whitechapel Mission


Partner Churches Open Week & Healthy Living Sunday

The Social Responsibility Commission works with a number of ‘partner churches’ to develop their ways of enabling other Methodist churches and circuits to see community projects as part of their Christian discipleship.

In October 2013 these churches and some of their community partners opened their doors to the District, inviting Methodists from across the London District to have a look at their work. This week-long programme of events took place on the 14th-20th October 2013, holding a special Social Responsibility event, 'Healthy Living Sunday' on 20th October.
Healthy Living Sunday is still held every October, highlighting resources and encouraging people to look after their physical and mental health, alongside their spiritual health.