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London Citizens

As a branch of Citizens UK, London Citizens have been developing Broad Based Community Organising since 1996 now in over 25 boroughs. The aim is to develop democratic action in local neighbourhoods and the larger political arenas of Greater London. 

Living Wage Campaign

Aimed at specific industries in which individuals are particularly vulnerable to abuse by their employers, the Living Wage Campaign calls for wage regulations that respect the time and rights of employees. The London 2012 Games were the first Living Wage Olympics. The Methodist Church is the first Living Wage Church in the UK.

CitySafe Campaign

The CitySage Campaign is a response to knife crime and gangs by developing zones of safety in key areas around London. Streets are made safe when citizens get together with the police and businesses to make them safe. Shops are signed up to provide Safe Havens for anyone in trouble. They also report 100% of crime and anti-social behaviour to the police. Faith groups and schools are encouraged to work in partnership for the safety of their neighbourhoods.

Community Land Trust Campaign

The Community Land Trust Campaign is a response to the unaffordable cost of housing. The first urban Community Land Trust (CLT) is being developed in Mile End on the site of the old St Clement’s hospital. A CLT is a not-for-profit community organisation that protects land in order to provide permanently affordable housing for local communities. CLTs buy or are given land which they promise never to sell.  CLTs then build affordably-priced homes on that land which they sell to local families with low incomes. The East London CLT was set up by London Citizens in 2007 with over 1,000 members in Mile End.

For more information about the any of these campaigns or about London Citizens in general, please visit http://www.citizensuk.org/