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Language and Culture-Specific Fellowships

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Language & Culture Specific Fellowships

There are a variety of Language and Culture-Specific Congregations within the London District. Contact Revd William Davis with general  questions about these congregations.

If you'd like to find out more about an individual congregation, just click on it to e-mail a leader.

Chinese Fellowship at Epsom

Chinese Fellowship at Kings Cross

Filipino Fellowship

Ghanaian Fellowship

Korean Christian Group

Tamil Group at Wallington

Urdu Fellowship

Zimbabwean Fellowship


Intercultural Ministry Resources

Over the past few decades, virtually all of London Methodism’s churches have become “multi-cultural”. We celebrate the abundance of multi-cultural gifts coming into London from all over the world and this “harvesting” of Christian mission seeds sown through the past century.  We also recognise that there are difficulties to be faced in the daily living and worshipping together of  people from diverse backgrounds.  How do we become “one church”?  How do we all truly “belong together”?  How can we most effectively learn from each other?  Resources are available from the District and Connexional level to help congregations and circuits identify and resolve potential and emerging conflicts and misunderstandings. 

Contact the District Office for more information.

Zimbabwean Fellowship