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Church and Circuit Reviews

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Church & Circuit Reviews

Circuits choose to carry out Reviews for a number of different reasons:

Mission - Circuits, especially newly formed Circuits, may want to have a strategic look at themselves as they start to plan their work or move into a new phase of development.

Staffing - Circuits which have experienced significant change in terms of ministerial oversight or resources may want to consider where they now stand, or how they need to plan for changes in the level of staffing.

Self-understanding - Circuits which are struggling to discover a ‘Circuit mind’ or identity may find it helpful to have a ‘mirror’ held up to them to help with that process.

Identity - In many places the sense of Circuit is not strong, and the Review process can be a valuable way of building it up.

Boundaries - The District is committed to helping Circuits explore issues of boundaries and working with neighbouring Circuits. Review processes provide an invaluable basis for those discussions.

There are a variety of ways of doing Circuit reviews, and each Circuit needs to consider carefully what will be the best way of meeting its particular needs. 

A Circuit Review Handbook can be downloaded below in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please contact Wendy Beard, Learning and Development Officer for the London Region, either by email or telephone (07799 900458), with any questions you may have about Church or Circuit Reviews.


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